KFM: It’s Tough to be Three

Our littlest is quick to temper, really she’s always been that way.  All the tricks I learned with the big kids seem to be lost on her.  We give her two choices – she wants neither and falls into a pit of despair at the thought of having to choose something as terrible as a banana or an apple.  We let her pick out her own clothes, she inevitably can’t decide and melts down on the floor of her bedroom in dramatic sobs until I give her two choices.  It is often, when she’s particularly feisty or angry in public, that I will say, “It’s tough to be three.” I say it as if it’s a defense of my parenting strategy or to merely establish the fact that though she is a giant, she is only three-years old.

The other day Millie was in full three-year old mode.  She was angry because it wasn’t time to watch a show, she was angry at the blocks that wouldn’t stack just right, angry that her water cup was empty and angry that I was sitting one inch too far away.  It was just a bit much for her tiny self to handle.  At the mention of lunch time Millie fell to the floor (her signature move) and wailed, and kicked, and screamed.  I calmly sat on the couch and patiently waited it out.

Note: I do not always patiently wait these things out. Often I scream and yell with her, but this particular day the drama was so evident I could choose to sit and simply watch the show.

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