Collaboration: Little & Mighty 10 Moms Share How they Apply their Strengths to Motherhood

“We all have strengths – many, many strengths to be more specific. Knowing what your strengths are is important. Are you passionate? Adventurous? Caring? Organized? A creative thinker? Action oriented? A planner? A leader? A practical thinker? I’m guessing you said yes to at least one of these and the list of possible strengths is endless. Once we identify our strengths, the next step is learning to apply them especially to motherhood. After all they are strengths so let’s own them. So stand up and twirl around a bit – seriously, stand up and twirl.”  – Little & Mighty



There is no question that I have the most friendly 3 year old in the world.  In fact every single day as we walk to school she scores candy from the bus driver, and hugs from the crossing guard.  Her friendliness will certainly be a cherished gift as she gets older.  As her mother, there are days when I’d just like to get some milk at the store and not chat up the guy stocking the milk, the cookie counter girl, high five the bagger, and stop by the bank for a sticker.  But overall it’s a great blessing.

I’d suppose her friendliness is born from mine.  I genuinely love people. I love their stories, where they come from, the things in their life that has shaped them.  I love meeting people and making people smile.

“I was born nice. I didn’t set out to be overly friendly, it’s just how I was made. As a result my toddler knows everyone in our neighborhood, all the clerks at the grocery store, the library, and every other regular stop in our life. Her village is so big and so kind to her.”  -Kristen, blogger @

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