5 on Friday: May 6, 2016

Welcome to our 5 for Friday series! (Week 3)   May! Yikes, I said that – May!!  As the days gets longer it seems my calendar gets more and more full.  I am so looking forward to Summer Vacation!  So do yourself a favor – RELAX! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, take 5 minutes and check out our week in review.

5 on Friday

1. What I am writing:

Featured Image -- 2539This week’s blog for AlmaDiem completely embodied my life last week.  It’s called “Making it to Monday”  and it is what I feel every single Monday!   While you are at it check out Twink’s Treats! Her recipes make me feel like even I can cook!

Last week on Five I talked all about how to create summer goals with your children!
How to Create Fun and Meaningful Summer Goals for your Kids.  This week we are focused especially on life skills. The summer my kids made their own breakfast every single morning was simply magical! Check our all our other ideas here: Summer Goals for Kids: Life Skills

Next week begins an 8 week series entitled “Mighty Mama.” Every week Little & Mighty will highlight a different question of motherhood and 10 mommy responses!  I’m thrilled to be part of this project.  There will be prompts on my blog to direct you there each Monday – Stay tuned Monday May 9th!

2. What we are Reading:

Millie (3):  This week’s favorite book has been circling our house for at least the last 5 years.   Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle. 

As a preschooler this Shannon’s very favorite book. She is/was an everyday princess. As a 4 year old she wore a Sleeping Beauty Dress every day for nearly a month. We would visit the grocery store in heels and a tiara and ride the plastic horse side saddle. “Because that’s what princesses do!”

“Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots” and all the companion books, shaped the way my little princess wore her crown. She was/is dirty, and energetic, and inquisitive, and curious, and risk taking, and adventurous, AND a princess.

do princesses wear hikib boots

Shannon (8) is obsessed with all things factual.  She calls them fact books and she will read each and every one at least 100 times.  The series she’s really into right now is called the “You Wouldn’t Want to Be” series.   There are many books in the series, but the one she’s loving right now is called You Wouldn’t Want to Be Cleopatra!  They are factual, and funny, and completely age appropriate and cover a multitude of topics.  She knows a little about so many things lately it’s fascinating.  We highly recommend every single one!

Connor (11) has been powering through every single book in the Great Illustrated Classics Series at the School Library.  His goal is to complete all of them before school gets out (in 14 days – but who’s counting?)    He has enjoyed all of the books he’s read but  The War of The Worlds – Great Illustrated Classics has definitely been his favorite!

war of the worlds

My husband has been trying to get me to read this book for years!  I’m just not a self-help/non-fiction reader at heart. I’d rather have a good novel any day.   That being said, the last few months have really been an act of soul searching.  You can read all about my Tribal Search here in The Sisterhood of Friends.  It was this book that pushed me over the edge, that made me really see the world in a different way.  That offered me the freedom to go against the status quo, to be different and to be a world changer.  It’s GOOD-  don’t read it if you don’t want to be changed – I’m warning you.

 Tribes – By Seth Godin


3. What we are Doing in our Real Life:

I said it once, and I’ll say it again – It’s May.  No seriously it’s May!!  We are knee deep in field trips and school plays and picnics in the park.  I have never looked so forward to summer vacation as I do right now.  This week Millie & made a trip to the Strawberry Patch, Shannon played catcher in her first ever Softball game and Millie gave up the trike for some training wheels.  It was a week of flying for us five!

Royals Baseball: If you haven’t already figured it out, we love the Royals around here.  Which means we spend a little (lot) of time at Kauffman Stadium! I was playing around a little with my iPhone photo editing this week and took this weird fun shot from the game this week.  It was a glorious day for a Royals Comeback Win!


4. What We are Loving
Toys R Us Bike Trade in Event


Kids keep growing – isn that crazy!?!  With 3 kids who are daily bike riders (even in the winter) I find that each spring we are in the market for new bikes!  This is the 3rd years we’ve visited the bike event at Toys R Us!  The last few years it’s been for the kids – this year it’s for me.  Bring any bike or trike in any condition (for safety reasons they must recycle them instead of reusing them).  In return you get up to 25% off a brand new bike! It’s always served our family well!

5.  Now Showing:

This amazing story of childhood is ALWAYS good.  We try to watch it at least one a year during (you got it) baseball season! If you’ve never seen it, you should, it’s a classic.  If you are concerned, there is a little bit of language that might not be appropriate for your family, but overall, it’s 1990’s fun!  The Sandlot (1993)

sandlot image

Thank you for spending 5 minutes with us today!  I’d love to know what you think!! Leave me a Facebook comment or a comment here.  As usual: Sharing is Caring!  If you fall in love with this or any of our posts on “Five” please share!  Have a lovely weekend and remember “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” – Dalai Lama.

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