KFM: Ask More Questions


Toddler Time: Ask More Questions

Did you know that preschoolers ask about 300 questions a day? If you are a parent of a toddler or preschool you already know this.  Our weary brains fuel on coffee in order to supply necessary and creative answers to “Why do I need toes?” or “What is purple?”  This is why parents of young children are so tired.  It’s not only the running and the chasing and the no sleeping.  It’s all the questions and all the answering.

Over the last 11 years of toddler questions we’ve perfected a pattern that has made our adult brains a little less taxed and our home a whole lot more entertaining.  I’d like to think that our method is also cultivating creativity and critical thinking.  But let’s be honest, sometimes that’s second to humor and a good story.

We don’t answer any questions that aren’t ours to answer.

Yes seriously, that’s it.   Let me be clear.  We answer certain questions like “When is dinner? What are my chores? Can I play outside? Will you help me with my homework?” Those questions have answers, and they are our answers to give.  There are other questions that have abstract answers, or the answers would be so far above my 3-year old’s capability the answer isn’t worth giving.  So we ask them a question instead.

For your enjoyment: here are a few fantastic ways these question sessions have played out.

Her: Do Ghosts have armpits?

Us: Why do Ghosts need armpits?

Her: To scratch them.

Her: What’s a party pooper?

Us: What do you think a party pooper is?

Her: Someone who poops on the floor at a royal ball?

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