5 on Friday: April 29, 2016

Welcome to our 5 for Friday series! (Week 2) This is  a collection of things we’ve done this week.  It might be a link to things I’ve written, books we’ve read, photos that makes us laugh, products we love, stories of young people doing extraordinary things, and of course what movie we are watching tonight.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, take 5 minutes and check out our week in review.

5 on Friday

1. What I am writing:

friendshipEach and Every Monday I write a sweet little blog post for AlmaDiem. We call it Making it to Monday and it might be one of my favorite things. It’s an opportunity to share family life with faith and passion with a bunch of amazing women! My post this week might be my most favorite thing I have written for them. You can find it here at AlmaBlog or on my page Sister of Friends


Thursdays post on Five was all about how to create summer goals with your children!  How to Create Fun and Meaningful Summer Goals for your Kids I am so looking forward to this series.  Each Thursday for the next few weeks we are going to address summer goals with each of our kiddos.

A few times a month I spend a few minutes over at Knoxville Families Magazine Blog talking about raising a toddler “from the front seat of the mini-van.” I try to keep it light and fun and as always, honest. You can find our newest post at 5 Things I was tough about (that suddenly aren’t a big deal)

*P.S. Remind me to think a little before doing 4 posts in one week ever again!

2. What we are Reading:

Millie (3)  and I checked this book out from the library a few months back.  It’s a rhyming, sing-songy book about the trash man as he cleans up Trashy Town.  Millie LOVED it.  And by loved it, I mean we renewed it 3 times and had major tears when it absolutely had to go back.  Since it was part of our nightly read everyday for over 9 weeks, I thought it deserved a mention.   You can find here:  Trashy Town 

Shannon (8) and I are almost through with Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great!  I have been a book-nerd my entire life and Judy Blume was one of my childhood heroes for sure! It has been such fun returning to Shelia Tubman’s life again after 30 years.  We found it completely age appropriate and a joy to read together!  I am looking forward to reading a few of the other books in this series.

Connor (11) is a fantasy lover for sure! For Christmas he was given a copy of Madeline L’Engle’s Classic, A Wrinkle in Time.  He devoured in in exactly 24 hours.  So when he found the Graphic Novel at the Library he was thrilled.  He enjoyed both of these books so much that he spent his allowance to own a copy of the Graphic Novel.  (great for ages 10+)  A Wrinkle in Time – the Graphic Novel

After nearly 4 months, I finally finished the last chapter of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay this week.  Now that it’s over, I’d say it was a great read.  An epic story of friendship and the comic book industry during World War II.  The love story between friends and lovers is a story that will stay with me for years!   If you chose to start it do not lose heart.  It’s hard to stick with in the beginning, but in the end, I definitely found it worth it. I’m glad I pushed through! (don’t say I didn’t warn you)


3. What we are Doing in our Real Life:

Last weekend we attended the last concert of the 2016 Kansas City Symphony’s Family Series.   Sadly I don’t have any amazing pictures of the symphony or the absolutely gorgeous Helzberg Hall!  But here’s a link if you live in the Kansas City Area and are interested in partaking in a little culture with your kids: Kansas City Symphony.  It is an hour long concert, and since this particular show was music from Harry Potter, they interspersed some a magic show throughout!  We will be buying season tickets next year.  It was quite literally magical.

Royals Baseball: It’s baseball Season! Will and I saw our first game of the year at Kauffman Stadium.  what’s a trip to Kauffman without a picture with the World Series Trophy!


4. What We are Loving

Stitch Fix!!  Have you ever done it? Someday I’ll blog about my “take back my life campaign” Part of that journey was really deciding what I was willing to spend my time doing. And one of those things that I dreaded and was not confident about, was clothes shopping. With a toddler climbing out of the cart, hiding in the clothes racks, breaking hangers and sprinting through the store (and sometimes into the parking lot), adult clothes shopping was terribly painful! I had seen ad after ad for Stitch Fix and after a lot of prodding by my husband I tried my first fix in October! I LOVE IT! I’ll be getting my 5th fix on Monday and I feel like a kid at Christmas. If you haven’t tried it out it’s worth a shot. $20 design fee that is applied to anything you keep. All Shipping is free, just send back what you don’t want. If you do it, let me know your honest thoughts!

5.  Now Showing:

It is baseball season after all.  42 – The Jackie Robinson Story42: The Jackie Robinson StoryThank you for spending 5 minutes with us today!  I’d love to know what you think!! Leave me a Facebook comment or a comment here.  As usual: Sharing is Caring!  If you fall in love with this or any of our posts on “Five” please share!  Have a lovely weekend and remember “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” – Dalai Lama.

*I am in no way compensated for any of these recommendations they truly are a list of our favorite stuff.  (except Stitch Fix – you use my referral # I get $25 – but I’d tell you about it even if I didn’t)