The Best Thing About Rain


We all woke up pretty slowly this morning, the gentle rain outside make it dark and dreary and it was pretty comfortable under the covers.  We took brother to camp and the whole 4 minute drive he whined “It’s raining, that means we can’t play outside, It’s raining, that means that I’m going to be sleepy all day.” and on and on and on.  Shannon is surprisingly quiet, a rare break from the incessant chatter of a 5 year old.

We get home and are snuggling on the couch listening to the rain and watching a little Fuller House, it’s our second time through, don’t judge.

Suddenly Shannon looks out the window and says contemplatively “Do you know the best thing about rain?”

Me: What’s that?

Her:  The rainbow that comes when it’s over.

I just hug her tight and think to myself: “Oh little one, I hope you carry that optimism that joy that hope for rest of your life.”

How analogous to the big (and little) challenges of life?  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fact that is RAINING!  Shannon wants to play outside, ride her bike, jump rope, practice her skateboarding, color with chalk – it’s actually not blazing hot for a few minutes.  But it’s raining, so we have to find things to do inside, namely snuggle and read books, watching movies, do crafts, the same kinds of things we’ve been doing for days due to the heat.  But does she whine about the rain?  No…  She’s looking forward to the rainbow and the treasures beyond.

I think that’s probably what Jesus meant when he called us to have faith like a child.  Perhaps it’s a little of that instant trust and friendship that children seem to bestow on everyone, but I think it’s more about the hope and joy.   To even know that there’s a rainbow at the end of the storm means that we have hope that the storm will even end.  That life will look a little different on the other side, that there is HOPE for the next leg of our journey.  So thank you my little one, for the reminder to continue to search for the rainbow!

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