7 Strategies for Navigating Summer Vacation with a Toddler

summer vacation.jpgNavigating Summer Vacation with a 3 kids in 3 different life stages is no laughing matter. In our three summers now with big kids and a baby (now toddler) we’ve learned a few strategies on how to navigate a summer of fun and retain a bit of our sanity.

A Plan is Necessary

I am the opposite of a planner.  In fact, sometimes I make a plan just so I can mess it up and feel like I did something exciting that day.  In the summertime, however, our daily plan is treated as gospel.  It’s posted on the refrigerator and it is our constant reminder that structure is actually good for my kids! Otherwise I’m a yelling, crying, junk food eating mess of a Mom.


*This Post was written for Knoxville Families Magazine Blog.  You can read the rest of the post using the link above.