Knoxville Families Magazine: Start With Yes

say yes
I hate it when someone tells me no.  It makes me angry and frustrated and makes me think that maybe they don’t understand my question. If they really understood me they would absolutely say yes.  If it wasn’t important to me, if I hadn’t already thought it through, I wouldn’t have asked.  After a particularly long frustrating day I had revelation.  It went a little like this.
Them: Can I watch a show?
Me: No, you’ve had too much TV today.
Cue Tantrum. (Why? Because they hear – “No TV EVER AGAIN”)
Them: Can I have a cookie?
Me: No
Them: Whiny – wwwhhhhyyyY?
Me: Because cookies are bad for you.
Cue Tantrum. (Why? Because they hear “No cookies for the rest of my life”)
Them: Can I go outside and play.
Me: No
Them: Whiny- Wwwwhhhyyy?
Me: Because it’s raining.
Cue Tantrum. (why? Because they hear – “I can never leave the house for all of eternity”)

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