KFM: This Too Shall Pass


“This too shall pass…”  said my dad frequently about everything from “I have a headache.” to “My children are driving me to drink!”  I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan in the beginning.  It was frustrating and I always felt like he wasn’t really understanding the depths of my drama.  Now, as a somewhat seasoned mom of three, I find myself repeating those words to myself almost daily.

I haven’t seen my tween all summer, but the stench and the noise surfacing from the basement assures me that the marathon Minecraft party is in full force and all is well.  School is starting soon, the lazy days of summer will be replaced by the busy, almost constant motion of the school year.  This too Shall Pass

My three-year-old hasn’t spoken any words this week.  Note: I said spoken.  She has cried words, whimpered words, yelled words, stomped words, and even oinked them once.  Speaking words however, have not been on her agenda.  This too shall pass….

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