5 on Friday: May 20,2016

Welcome to our 5 on Friday series! (Week 4)   Schools out! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and terrified I am about this!  Do yourself a favor – RELAX! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, take 5 minutes and check out our week in review.

5 on Friday

1. What I am writing:


Since we’ve last checked in, I’ve done 2 posts for AlmaDiem.  The first was a compilation of 9 of our favorite books that I leave here on Five each Friday.  You can find it over on AlmaBlog or here on Five.

Love Me Louder was a piece I’d been holding for a long time and finally got up the nerve to publish.  It was a gift to write and I hope a gift to read.  *these are the type of pieces I live for*

Other Collaborations

Knoxville Families Magazine featured my piece  7 Strategies for Navigating Summer Vacation with a Toddler

Little & Mighty has a panel of 10 amazing women who collaborate on different questions about raising children.  It’s been fun to be part of this team of wise and funny moms!

10 Moms Tell Us how they Stay Calm when their Kids Melt Down

10 Moms Tell us how they Say Goodbye to Mom Guilt

Here at Five For Flying

We’ve been building up to our BIG SUMMER GOALS PARTY! – coming Monday.  Check out these posts to get you in the mood!
How to Create Fun and Meaningful Summer Goals for your Kids &  Summer Goals for Kids: Life Skills

2. What I am Reading:

We are all still reading, but the kids have been hyper focused on getting through school.  I am about halfway through 11/22/63: A Novel – Stephen King.  True to his style, it is detailed, thrilling, mysterious and flat out bizarre.  So in other words, it’s magnificent.  It’s one of the best novels I have ever read.  If it’s not on your list it certainly should be.



3. What’s on our playlist?

Schools Out for the Summer!!  Which means it’s time to update the Playlist for the Car. Here’s our current favorite.  How can you NOT dance?


4. What We are Loving

Each summer we have fitness goals or our kids.  It’s way too easy for them to sit around and expect the pool to fulfill all their activity.  Last summer we bought both of the big kids a fitness tracker for their big Summer Goals Party and it was excellent! They had to have 5,000 steps before they could even turn on the T.V.  It’s carried through the entire school year and is now an ingrained part of our lives!      Garmin: Vivofit



5.  Now Showing:

When Will is traveling on the weekends, which is frequently right now, Connor (11) and I pick up a new series to love.   Sherlock – Season 1  is our BBC miniseries of choice.  (We take #Raisethemnerdy to a whole new level.  It’s fun, resolves in 1 episode, it’s a little bit crazy and super smart.  We both really enjoy it! Its definitely better than a 30 minute recitation of the happenings in Minecraft.


Thank you for spending 5 minutes with us today.  I’d love to know what you think!! Leave me a Facebook comment or a comment here.  As usual: Sharing is Caring!  If you fall in love with this or any of our posts on “Five” please share!  Have a lovely weekend and remember “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” – Dalai Lama.

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