Breakfast and Book Writing

It’s true that my children are about as dissimilar as they come.  There are countless examples in our everyday life.  This morning before school Shannon was stalling, naturally.  Connor was becoming impatient, naturally.


Connor: “What are you doing?”
Shannon: “I’m writing a story about a vampire.”
Connor: “You know vampires drink blood and seeing blood makes you throw up.”
Shannon: “This vampire is funny because he can only drink blood that A-” (as in A-minus, not A-negative)
Connor: “Why is that funny?”
Shannon: “Well you know, it’s a thing. So I wrote him a blood detector.”
Shannon: “If he puts the blood detector on someone’s toe it will show if they have A-”
Connor: “How does that even work, their toe will be covered by a shoe… ” And on and on for 2 more minutes on the logistics of the toe detector.
Shannon: “You cannot ever read my books.”
Connor: “I’m good at reading books.”
Shannon: “You are to smart for funny books, you can only read serious books.”
Connor: “Why is your book funny?”
Shannon: “It’s a vampire who’s allergic to blood! (except A-minus blood apparently)  That’s hilarious.”
Connor: “I still don’t get it.”

Meanwhile I just smile to myself and pray that they will someday find friends and spouses that appreciate their quirky sides. God knows I do!