Five on Friday: a Week in Review

5 on Friday

Friday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s filled with such hope and anticipation!  We always celebrate Friday with pizza and a family movie.   It means a deep breath before the business of the weekend begins.

This week I’m launching my weekly Five on Friday series.  It’s a collection of things we’ve done this week.  It might be a link to places I’ve written, books we’ve read, photos that makes us laugh, products we love, stories of young people doing extraordinary things, and of course what movie we are watching.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, take 5 minutes and check out our week in review.

1. What I am writing:

The last few weeks have been fun.  Here’s a few links to what’s been happening.

coloringYesterday I overheard this crazy conversation at the breakfast table.  so of course I had to write about it!  Breakfast and Bookwriting!


bed coffee

Weekends are For Sleeping In.  Well that’s what I thought before I had a high energy morning person toddler!  I blogged over the weekend all about what waking up on the weekends look like!  I bet more than a few of you can relate!


249177_10151425797456230_1079776814_nLast week I wrote my inaugural article for  Starting All Over… Again I’ll be blogging there a few times a month all about raising a spirited toddler/preschooler while navigating big kid life.  Our first post was a shining success, thanks to each of your undying support for this project!



2. What we are Reading:

Millie (3) and I are in LOVE with the Press here series of children’s books.  They are insanely fun and interactive ways to learn colors!  I’m proud to say we have finally mastered blue!  You can check it out here:  Press Here

Shannon (8) and I are reading Ella Enchanted.  Note to readers: WAIT to watch the movie until after you’ve finished the book.  Because the “Oh, it’s coming” and the “just wait it see what’s gonna happen to him” seriously stalls our progress.  It’s a lovely tale that all girls and mommas would enjoy. Ella Enchanted

Connor (11) and I don’t read together very much anymore but he is a serious book lover too.  He’s just finished the 3rd book of the Luck Uglies series (he put it on the wait list at the library months ago!)  Luck Uglies: Rise of the Ragged Clover

I’m in 2 book clubs (ok 1 book club and 1 gathering of amazing women when we all read the same book, and then meet to drink wine, talk a whole tiny bit about our book and a whole giant bit about our lives- but for the sake of consistency, we will call it book club). In anticipation of the movie we read Mrs. Peregrines home for peculiar children.  It was a super easy YA read and I enjoyed it so much ( that I completed the trilogy because when you find a good thing.. .why stop!)   Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children


3. What we are Doing in our Real Life:

Petting Goats  – this child has missed her calling on the farm.  So we head to the Children’s Farmstead as often as we can to feed and pet the baby goats.  *funny story this goat actually chewed her hair… like off.. chewed it off.  That’s what I get for actually getting her into a pony tail.millie goats

School Carnival – the School Spring Fling is always a Blast!

spring Fling Cookie decorating      millie fire truck

Anytime we have out of town guests we always try to do something we’ve never done before.  This week we lucked out and the kids were out of school for a day, so we took a day trip to Paradise Park.  Little Millie could not get enough of the go-carts, and the bigs took their turn at the climbing wall.  It was GREAT!

4. What We are Loving

I’m currently obsessed with my new purse by Joyn India.  My friend Lori introduced me to Joyn a few months ago and I couldn’t wait for their 2016 product line to come out.  I was not disappointed.  It’s gorgeous, completely hand made, and 100% fair trade.  It even comes with a card signed by the amazing women who hand stamped and hand stitched my bag.  Isn’t it pretty!!!!

joyn purse

5.  Now Showing:

 The adult Lehman’s will be celebrating a Royals Win tonight at Kauffman Stadium!  But the kids will no doubt enjoy Family Pizza & Movie night this week with the sitter – Disney’s Robin Hood! It’s Will Lehman’s favorite and it’s high time the next generation gets a little  “oodle-la-ly, oodle-la-ly, Golly what a day.” stuck in their head.  (psst- It’s on Netflix, you are welcome)

Robin Hood-40th Anniversary Edition (DVD + Digital Copy)

Thank you for spending 5 minutes with us today!  I’d love to know what you think!! Leave me a Facebook comment or a comment here.  As usual: Sharing is Caring!  If you fall in love with this or any of our posts on “Five” please share!  Have a lovely weekend and remember “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” – Dalai Lama.

*I am in no way compensated for any of these recommendations, they truly are a list of our favorite stuff!*