Collaboration: Little & Mighty


Say Hello to my new friends at Mighty Mamas!  Mighty Mamas is a collaboration effort by Little and Mighty to offer shorts words of wisdom to Moms of the littlest (and Mighty-ist) among us.  I’m thrilled to be part of this fun group, of 10 women each week, as we tackle a few serious and many funny things about raising children.

This weeks topic: How to stay calm when your kids are melting down! is one of my favorites.  Everyone has such a unique approach to an epic toddler meltdown.  I tend to loose my temper quickly and then reign it back in just about the time my little one is at maximum intensity.  I’d venture to guess that it is not the most efficient or satisfying strategy to working with mighty little ones.  These wonderful ladies have much better words of wisdom!

As always thank you for joining us on this beautiful journey of life!  It’s a pleasure to walk with you.