Collaboration: Little and Mighty -Mamas Get Creative to Solve Parenting Issues

I simply love talking to other parents about how they work through different situations with their children.  Everyone is so uniquely creative!  This week over at Little and Mighty the Mighty Mamas are discussing how we handle different parenting struggles with our kids.  Each one of our children is so different, in our house we chose to address each child’s drama independent of the others for example:


Our greatest struggles with Connor (11) tend to revolve around screen time in one way or another.  So we gave him daddy’s old bought him a fitbit.  Now he has to move his body a certain amount of steps each day before he can even think about screen time.  -Bingo!

Shannon (8) is almost exclusively creative mess making.  Last week she made bookmarks for the whole family.  The paper, glue, glitter, stickers, scissors and scraps were strewn throughout the entire kitchen.  I wish I would have taken a picture it was magnificent!  If you have creative strategies for not being the messiest human on the planet – send them my way, I’m fresh out.

Millie (3) is my non-sleeper.  All of my creative energy goes toward bedtime.  We have checklists and special sleep friends, and alarm clocks that turn green when it’s wake up time.  We even have special night lights and a sticker chart.  Finally, slowly, we are mastering night time.

What issues are you dealing with?  How do you find creative solutions to address them?

Check out what the Mighty Mamas have to say about their parenting struggles and where they find their creative energy!  Little and Mighty – Mamas Get Creative Solving Parenting Issues