Five on Friday: May 27, 2016

Welcome to our 5 on Friday series! (Week 5)   It’s our first full week of Summer break and we are KILLING IT!  I give myself exactly 4 more days before I loose all enjoyment of summer, but for now, it’s like a little vacation in my house.  I hope you can carve out a few moments to pour yourself a cup of coffee, take 5 minutes and check out our week in review.

5 on Friday

1. What I am writing:

Our Alma Post this week was a throwback to a devotional I did for my Mops group a few months back.  I hope you enjoy this scriptural approach to our life story.   Making it to Monday: The Busy Life

Knoxville Families Magazine featured my piece The Click Factor.  This a piece all about those cranky times when something is obviously wrong with you child but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.  You’ve been there too right!?!

Little & Mighty has a panel of 10 amazing women who collaborate on different questions about raising children.  It’s been fun to be part of this team of wise and funny moms!   10 Mamas and their Misconceptions about Motherhood.

Here at Five For Flying we kicked off summer with a Bang! (Literally because we’ve had thunderstorms every single day since we finished with school, but that is beside the point).  Our Summer Goals kicked off this week!

summer baskets 2016

Our Summer  Goals Party  was so much fun!! If you don’t follow us on Facebook you missed an entire day of summer insanity!  Our Facebook community was awesome to celebrate and laugh with us throughout our day.  I can’t wait to work through all our summer goals and share them with you.   Like us on Facebook here.

Are you interested in creating summer goals for your family?  Here’s a few ideas to get you started.   How to Create Fun and Meaningful Summer Goals for your Kids &  Summer Goals for Kids: Life Skills

2. What we are Reading:

I need some serious brain candy while we are kicking off summer.  A friend of a friend just launched a new romance novella AND it’s only 1.99 on Amazon Kindle right now.  She’d appreciate a few great reviews if you are so inclined.  It’s a quick read that takes place in Southern Louisiana.  It’s a great story of rescue both of a town and a romance! It’s fun and worth your time if you are a fan of romance!

Behind the Mask – Linda Joyce

behind the mask

Connor’s (11) summer goals include reading the Harry Potter Series! He’s just started the Sorcerer’s Stone and obviously loves it.  I can’t wait for him to see why I’ve been pushing him so hard to read them!

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

harry Potter & the sorcerer's stone

Shannon (8) has discovered this series and she can’t get enough of them.    They are mostly comedy and word play along with some ridiculous silly jokes. It’s got very little to do with “cemetery things” and a whole lot more to do with silly things.

43 Old Cemetery Road by Kate Klise

43 old cemetery road

3. What’s on our playlist?

Each year the kids and I make a playlist full of fun summer songs we play in the car and around the house.  Someday I’ll upload out whole playlist.  For today you should enjoy these two classic songs that we are in LOVE with this summer.  Tell me they don’t make you smile – and maybe remember summers past!  The beach boys was the first concert I attended.  I can’t remember who was more excited me or my dad!

4. What We are Loving

3 times this week I have introduced moms to, so I figured it warranted a mention on “Five on Friday.”  If you aren’t familiar with it – do. it. now. is overstock shoes!  A few times a year they have excellent sales. I  always order a box full of school shoes each August and a box of keens each spring. With Zappos excellent shipping rates, return policy and SPEEDY delivery, you can’t go wrong.  *I am no way compensated by or I really just like their stuff!

*If you ever find something you LOVE that you think we should share please let us know in the comments, we’d love to check it out*

5.  Now Showing:

We are playing the top team in our division this weekend, so movie night this week will be a baseball game.  But we are trying out a new flatbread pizza recipe  courtesy of Twink at AlmaBlog.

twink's pizza.jpg

Thank you for spending 5 minutes with us today.  I’d love to know what you think!! Leave me a Facebook comment or a comment here.  As usual: Sharing is Caring!  If you fall in love with this or any of our posts on “Five” please share!  Have a lovely weekend and remember “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” – Dalai Lama

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